Being A Participant

You may want to be a participate in research study at some point. If so, become well informed before you decide.

Research studies are done to answer questions. There are many things we still do not understand about human diseases and how to treat them. Also more testing is required for new discoveries to determine how useful they are for treating humans.

Without research, vaccines would never have been developed. The same is true of antibiotics and other medicines used to treat human diseases. Research has been key in developing diagnostic procedures routinely used in healthcare.

Becoming a human subject in a research study is totally voluntary. You cannot be forced to participate.  So what should you do before deciding to volunteer? Learn as much as you can about the study. Understand what you are getting into.  Know the pros and cons. Ask questions.

Remember being in a research study …
♦ may or may not help you specifically
♦ it may be helpful to others  in the future
♦ and it’s up to you.

-Adapted from OHRP’s Becoming a Research Volunteer brochure
Download the brochure here.