Questions to Ask

Before you become a research subject become informed. Here are some examples of questions that may help determine whether or not to participate in a research study:

  • Does this study interest me?
  • When and where does the study take place?
  • How long does the study last?
  • May I quit the study at any time?
  • Is the study safe?
  • Is the research confidential or totally anonymous?
  • How is my privacy being protected?
  • Who gains from my participation in the study?
  • Does the study have IRB approval?
  • Whom do I contact with questions or concerns about the study?
  • Is there someone I can contact with questions or concerns who is not involved in the study?
  • Do I feel pressured or obligated to participate in the study?

 -Adapted from OHRP’s Becoming a Research Volunteer brochure
Download the brochure here.