Funding Opportunities

Do you need resources to carry out your research project? Did you know there are local and national grants that you can apply for. What does filling out a grant application entail?

Typical information required on a grant form includes purpose of the research, how the money would be used, the impact or benefits of the research and your contact information. Often the forms are simple and straightforward to complete and are usually available online. Submitting an application does not ensure that you will receive a grant, but you never know until you ask. Be sure to read the mission statement of the granting agency to verify that your research corresponds with their philanthropy goals. Some funding sources to consider are listed here.

For CVMC employees
The Department for Research & Evidence-Based Practice provides seed funds for approved projects as does Catawba Medical Foundation. Grant applications are located on the intranet on the respective departmental webpages.

Local Community Grants
Large chain stores often award grants that benefit residents in the community. Academy Sports, Food Lion, Walmart, Target, Office Depot, Lowes Home Improvement, Home Depot and others can be a great place to start your quest for supply funds. If you are awarded one of these grants, then the designated amount can be used to purchase items at their stores.

Professional Organizations
Some professional organizations sponsor research.  Find out if your organization does by typing ‘grants’ or ‘community service’ in the website search box. A few examples of professional organizations that fund research studies are: ASPAN, ENA, AACN and AMSN.

A number of charitable foundations support nonprofit community initiatives. The philanthropic goals of foundations are as diverse as the foundations themselves.  However, some have health-related objectives. Start by reviewing foundations in the State, but do not rule out national foundations. The Duke Endowment is an example of a NC-based foundation that has a health focus.